About Anastasia Greene

destination photographer
Look at the vibrant colors of the mountain photography session.

Anastasia Greene (Ana) is so much more than a freelance photographer. She’s a visual painter of imagery and her camera is the brush. She founded Engen Photography in 2013 shortly after graduating from college. Ana grew up in the Bronx, listening to powerful women like J Lo. From an early age, she displayed a passion for learning about people and sharing their stories through photos. It’s true what they say that a picture is worth a thousand words; it’s worth more when Ana takes one. Her photographs have been featured in Elle Magazine, Redbook, and Women’s Day, and she’s a regular display artist at art exhibits across New York City.

Ana is your go-to freelancing photographer for any event you may be planning. She’s available for corporate events, birthday parties, weddings, and more. Don’t make the mistake of capturing one-in-a-lifetime moments on a phone. Sure, it’s quick and easy. But, the quality is nowhere near the same. Consider the difference between the sunset picture you took out your window and the ones that go on postcards. Ana delivers the latter. Whatever the occasion, Anastasia Greene offers the best photography service in the city.

View her portfolio here or view her complete list of photography services here.