Austin Pool Decks Case Study (with Before & After Pictures)

One of the greatest pleasures in my work as a photographer is taking pictures that make a difference. That’s the main reason I work with businesses on their before and after photos. Everyone’s heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”. And it really is true. A picture has the ability to showcase how great of a job contractors have done with their craftsmanship when words simply aren’t enough. Such is the case with the local concrete contractor, Austin Pool Decks, a provider of pool deck repair and resurfacing for homes and businesses. When a homeowner or a property manager needs a deck for their new swimming pool, these are the guys they call! Austin Pool Decks, or APD as they’re known to friends, is a truly great pool deck company that can install and fix just about any surface. They handle interlocking pavers, Kool decking, Travertine tiles, stamped concrete, non-stick surfaces, standard concrete pool decks, and more. In addition, they also offer pool remodeling and resurfacing. Frequently, people call in requesting to replace old liners, resurface the pool, or completely renovate the pool and deck area. Regardless of the task, Austin Pool Decks offers a top-notch, 5-star service that delivers supreme quality work at a reasonable fee. There is no one else local residents would rather go to.

Here is one example of their work. Take a look at the photograph below. The concrete in the picture is old and cracked. It looks terrible and clearly needs a drastic overhaul. The pieces are chipped right out of the surface, making it a hazardous surface to walk on. The customer was risking an injury, so they called Austin Pool Decks.

cracked pool deck surface - Austin, Texas - residential property - backyard swimming pool deck

Now take a look at the final product. Austin Pool Decks installed slightly off-color beige interlocking tiles with a slight tacky surface on top. From the aerial view, the tiles look smooth. However, when stepping on them, they grip your feet so don’t slip and fall on the pool deck. Big thanks to my sister, Arianne Maltese, for volunteering to be our model for the photo.

wife of owner on new concrete Kool deck surface installed by Austin Pool Decks company

Anyone wanting more information on pool deck repair from Austin Pool Decks can visit and schedule a time for a free estimate.