Customer Case Study – Truckload Liquidator, IDX

Ana and team take pictures for all types of clients. We’ve had days were we go from taking wedding photos in the Bronx to birthday pictures in Long Island, then back to Astoria for a corporate holiday party with a beach theme. IDX Liquidations is a truckload liquidator, meaning they buy and resell truckloads of wholesale merchandise. IDX first acquires inventory at low prices direct from manufacturers or retail stores like Walmart, Best Buy, and Bed Bath & Beyond. Then, their team of liquidators then goes through the products and sells it in bulk by the pallet or by the truckload. Merchandise could include anything from apparel and baby items to appliances or tools. Customers can request a specific type of merchandise and IDX Liquidations will reach out to its huge network of suppliers and find it for them. IDX’s wholesale truckload pricing is very affordable compared to its competitors. A truckload of Bed Bath & Beyond products worth $50,000 plus is often sold for $10,000 + shipping. That’s a steal. Even if half the merchandise went unsold, the customer would still more than double their investment. IDX Liquidations reached out to us a few weeks ago about taking some pictures for their inventory liquidation sale at their Maspeth, Queens location in NYC. Customers interested in purchasing bulk wholesale merchandise can visit to order a truckload of liquidation pallets from Walmart, Target, or any other major retailer. Below are some of the photographs we took of the inventory.

wholesale truckload liquidator
Rite Aid Salvage Truckload of Wholesale Food, Cosmetics, and Drug Store Products
Walmart truckload liquidation pallets
General Merchandise Liquidation Pallets from Walmart. Premium Laminate Flooring pallet from Walmart Truckload.
truckload of Walmart merchandise
Lasko Stand Fans from truck of Walmart pallets

The images Engen Photography has provided helped IDX sell more than 17 truckloads of merchandise in the month they were released. Customers just needed to see that the products were real and be able to test out selling them.